Other Corrections

Engines have been developed with the following corrections added to the ESA system (in addition to the various corrections explained so far), in order to adjust the ignition timing with extremely fine precision.

Transition Correction - During the transition (change) from deceleration to acceleration, the ignition timing is either advanced or retarded temporarily in accordance with the acceleration.

Cruise Control Correction - When driving downhill under cruise control, in order to provide smooth cruise control operation and minimize changes in engine torque caused by fuel cut-off because of engine braking, a signal is sent from the Cruise Control ECU to the ECM to retard the ignition timing.

Traction Control Correction - This retards the ignition timing, thus lowering the torque output by the engine, when the coolant temperature is above a predetermined temperature and the traction control system is operating.

Acoustic Control Induction System (ACIS) Correction - When the engine speed rises above a predetermined level, the ACIS operates. At that time, the ECM advances the ignition timing simultaneously, thus improving output.

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