Position Speed Sensors

Position/speed sensors provide information to the ECM about the position of a component, the speed of a component, and the change in speed of a component. The following sensors provide this data:

• Camshaft Position Sensor (also called G sensor).

• Crankshaft Position Sensor (also called NE sensor).

• Vehicle Speed Sensor.


Sensors G Signa| Timing Rotor

The Camshaft Position Sensor, Crankshaft Position Sensor, and one type of vehicle speed sensor are of the pick-up coil type sensor.

This type of sensor consists of a permanent magnet, yoke, and coil. This sensor is mounted close to a toothed gear. As each tooth moves by the sensor, an AC voltage pulse is induced in the coil. Each tooth produces a pulse. As the gear rotates faster there more pulses are produced. The ECM determines the speed the component is revolving based on the number of pulses. The number of pulses in one second is the signal frequency.

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