Relevant Signals

• Intake air volume (VS, KS, or VG) (Intake manifold pressure (PIM)) Torque Control Correction

This correction reduces shift shock and the result is that the driver feels smoother shifts. With an electronically-controlled transaxle, each clutch and brake in the planetary gear unit of the transmission or transaxle generates shock to some extent during shifting. in some models, this shock is minimized by delaying the ignition timing when gears are upshifted. When gear shifting starts, the ECM retards the engine ignition timing to reduce the engine torque. As a result, the shock of engagement and strain on the clutches and brakes of the planetary gear unit is reduced and the gear shift change is performed smoothly. The ignition timing angle is retarded a maximum of approximately 200 by this correction. This correction is not performed when the coolant temperature or battery voltage is below a predetermined level.

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