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For the preceding self-test on The Battery, the following best complete the sentence or answer the question. In cases where you may disagree with the choice - or may simply want to reinforce your understanding -please review the appropriate workbook page or pages noted.

1 . "B" - The number and size of the plates determine current capability. (Page 2.)

2. "A" - When immersed in electrolyte, a cell produces about 2.1 volts (regardless of the number of size of plates). (Page 2.)

3. "B" - In a fully discharged battery, both plates are covered with lead sulfate and the electrolyte is diluted to mostly water. (Page

4. "D" - The Reserve Capacity rating is the length of time, in minutes, a fully charged battery at 80'F (26.70C) can be discharged at 25 amps while maintaining a voltage of at least 1.75 volts per cell. (Page 5.)

5. "C" - Plates should alternate dark (+) and light It all are light, severe undercharging is indicated. (Page 9.)

6. "D" - Check for battery drain using an ammeter between the battery negative terminal and ground cable connector. (Page 10.)

9. "C" - In a battery capacity or heavy-load test, if the voltmeter reading falls below 9.6 volts, the battery is either discharged or defective. (Page 13.)

10. "B" - Slow charging is preferred. (Page 15.)

7. "B" - Specific gravity readings around 1.190 indicate that sulfation is about to begin. The battery is about 50% charged, and requires charging. (Page 12.)

8. "C" - In a battery load test, maintain the load for no more than 15 seconds and note the voltmeter reading. (Page 13.)

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