Shift Lock Mechanism

The shift lock mechanism is made up of a number of components as seen in the illustration below.

Park Lock Mechanism

The shift position switch (shift lock control switch) is used to detect the position of the shift lever. It has two contacts, P1 and P2. When the select lever is in the Park position, P1 is on (closed) and P2 is off (open). In this position, the key can be removed but the select lever is locked in position.

When the select lever is in a position other than Park, P1 is off (open) and P2 is on (closed). In this position, the key cannot be removed.

The grooved pin is part of the normal detent mechanism which requires that the shift lever button be depressed in order to move the gear selector into and out of Park position and also into Manual 2 or Manual Low positions. The shift lock plate is mounted next to the detent plate. In the Park position, the grooved pin fits into the slot at the top of the shift plate. The shift lock plate movement is limited by the plate stopper when the solenoid is not energized.

Rav4 Lock Mechanism

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