Shift Lock Solenoid Control

When the shift lever is in the Park range, shift position switch P1 is on and the emitter circuit of Tr3 is grounded. Base current for Tr3 is provided through the stop light switch which is open while the brake is not applied, so Tr3 is off. Tr3 controls the base of Tr1, and as long as Tr3 is off, the shift lock solenoid will remain off and the gear selector will be locked in the Park position.

When the brake pedal is depressed, the stop light switch goes on, providing current to the base of Tr3. When Tr3 goes on, base current flows in Tr1 and it then goes on, causing current to flow to the shift lock solenoid and freeing the shift lever. When the shift lever is shifted out of Park, the shift position switch P1 goes off and Tr1 switches the shift lock solenoid off.

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