The Microprocessor

The microprocessor is the heart of the computer. It is also called the central processing unit (CPU). Again, keep in mind that the CPU does not perform complicated operations. Instead, it performs thousands of simple operations incredibly fast. To keep all of the operations the CPU performs from becoming entangled, it executes them in order, paced by a clock.

The CPU can be divided into three sections: the control section, the arithmetic and logic section, and the register section.

The control section controls the computer's basic operations. It is programmed with instructions from a memory to handle these chief operations:

Sending data from one part ofthe ctmputer to another

Data input and output to and from the computer Arithmetic calculations Halting computer operations Jumping to another instruction during the running of a program

The arithmetic and logic section carries out the actual processing of data, which consists of arithmetic operations and logical operations.



The register section temporarily stores data or programs until they are sent to the arithmetic and logic section or the control section

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