Third Gear

During third gear operation, solenoid No. 1 is off and solenoid No. 2 is on. When solenoid No. 1 is off, it closes its drain and line pressure from the manual valve pushes the 2-3 shift valve down. Line pressure from the manual valve is directed to the direct clutch (C2) and to the base of the 1-2 shift valve.

With solenoid No. 2 on, it has the same effect that is had in second gear; pressure is bled at the top of the 1-2 shift valve and spring tension pushes it up. Line pressure is directed to the second brake (B2). However in third gear, the second brake (B2) has no effect since it holds the one-way clutch No. 1 (Fl) and freewheels in the clockwise direction. The second coast brake is ready in the event of a downshift when the OD direct clutch (C2) is released.

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