Using the Diagnostic TEST Mode Procedure

With the ignition switch off, connect terminals TE2 and E1 using SST #09842-18020 (TEST mode will not start if TE2 is grounded after the ignition switch is already on).

• Turn the ignition switch on; then start the engine and drive the vehicle at least 6 mph or higher (code 42, vehicle speed sensor will set if vehicle speed does not exceed 6 mph).

• Simulate driving conditions that problem occurs under.

• When the check engine lamp comes on, jumper TE1 to El without disconnecting TE2.

• Note and record diagnostic codes (codes display in same manner as in normal diagnostic mode).

• Exit diagnostic TEST mode by disconnecting TE2 and turning the ignition switch off.

Diagnostic TEST mode is also available on the > '92 Celica 5S-FE and 3S-GTE applications through the check connector TE2 terminal. For more information on using the VF terminal and the TE2 TEST mode diagnostics, refer to Course #872, TCCS Diagnosis.

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