Vane Air Flow Meter

The Vane Air Flow Meter provides the ECM with an accurate measure of the load placed on the engine. The ECM uses it to calculate basic injection duration and basic ignition advance angle. Vane Air Flow Meters consist of the following components:

• Measuring Plate.

• Compensation Plate.

• Potentiometer.

• Idle Adjusting Screw (factory adjusted).

• Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor.

During engine operation, intake air flow reacts against the measuring plate (and return spring) and deflects the plate in proportion to the volume of air flow passing the plate. A compensation plate (which is attached to the measuring plate) is located inside a damping chamber and acts as a "shock absorber" to prevent rapid movement or vibration of the measuring plate.

Movement of the measuring plate is transferred through a shaft to a slider (movable arm) on the potentiometer. Movement of the slider against the potentiometer resistor causes a variable voltage signal back to the VS terminal at the ECM. Because of the relationship of the measuring plate and potentiometer, changes in the VS signal will be proportional to the air intake volume.

The r2 resistor (connected in parallel with r1) allows the meter to continue to provide a VS signal in the event that an open occurs in the main potentiometer (r1). The Vane Air Flow Meter also has a fuel pump switch built into the meter that closes to maintain fuel pump operation once the engine has started and air flow has begun.

The meter also contains a factory adjusted idle adjusting screw that is covered by a tamper -resistant plug. The repair manual does not provide procedures on resetting this screw in cases where it has been tampered with.

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