Vapor Pressure Sensor

The Vapor Pressure Sensor (VPS) measures the vapor pressure in the evaporative emission control system. The Vapor Pressure Sensor may be located on the fuel tank, near the charcoal canister assembly, or in a remote location.

Evaporation Pressure Sensor Code 193

This sensor uses a silicon chip with a calibrated reference pressure on one side of the chip, the other side of the chip is exposed to vapor pressure. Changes in vapor pressure cause the chip to flex and vary the voltage signal to the ECM. The voltage signal out depends on the difference between atmospheric pressure and vapor pressure. As vapor pressure increases the voltage signal increases. This sensor is sensitive to very small pressure changes (1.0 psi = 51.7 mmHg).

Celica 2000 Tank Pressure Sensor

Vapor pressure sensors come in variety of configurations. When the VPS is mounted directly on the fuel pump assembly, no hoses are required. For remote locations, there may be one or two hoses connected to the VPS. If the VPS uses one hose, the hose is connected to vapor pressure. In the two hose configuration, one hose is connected to vapor pressure, the other hose to atmospheric pressure. It is important that these hoses are connected to the proper port. If they are reversed, DTCs will set.

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