VF Voltage Feedback Terminal Function

The VF terminal also serves two diagnostic functions depending on the status of the T terminal. When the T terminal is off, the VF terminal voltage represents learned value correction factor. When the T terminal is on, the VF terminal will either display an emulated oxygen sensor signal (throttle open, IDL contact off) or indicate whether a diagnostic code is stored in the ECU memory (throttle closed, IDL contact on).


T Terminal

IDL Contacts

Check Engine Lamp

VF Terminal Output

OFF (Open)


Lamp check function (when engine is stopped)

Warning display function (during engine operation)

Air/fuel ratio feedback correction amount or air/fuel ratio learned control value

P^75V) ",ncrease,l amount 2.5V : Normal

<V25V> : Decreased amount

Some systems have live levels, and other systems have three levels.

ON (Shorted)


Diagnostic code display function

Results of 02 sensor signal processing

5V : Rich signal OV : Lean signal


OV : Trouble code stored

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