Water Temperature Sensor

The water temperature sensor monitors engine coolant temperature and is typically located near the cylinder head water outlet. A thermistor is mounted within the temperature sensor, and its resistance value decreases as the temperature increases. Therefore, when the engine temperature is low, resistance will be high.

When the engine coolant is below a predetermined temperature, the engine performance and the vehicle's drivability would suffer if the transmission were shifted into overdrive or the converter clutch were locked-up. The engine ECU monitors coolant temperature and sends a signal to terminal OD1 of the ECT ECU. The ECU prevents the transmission from upshifting into overdrive and lock-up until the coolant has reached a predetermined temperature. This temperature will vary from 122'F to 162'F depending on the transmission and vehicle model. For specific temperatures, refer to the ECT Diagnostic Information chart in the appendix of this book.

Some models, depending on the model year, cancel upshifts to third gear at lower temperatures. This information is found in the appendix and is indicated in the heading of the OD Cancel Temp column of the ECT Diagnostic Information chart by listing in parenthesis the temperature for restricting third gear.

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