Wax Type Air Valve

The wax type air valve is integrated with the throttle body and varies an idle air by-pass opening as coolant temperature changes. The valve works on the principle of a spring loaded gate valve balanced against a coolant heated, wax filled thermo valve.

As coolant temperature rises, the wax filled thermo valve expands allowing spring B to gradually close the valve (spring B is stronger than spring A). This causes engine rpm to decrease as air flow to the intake is decreased.

Aviatioin Engine Valve Type

When coolant temperature is cold, the wax filled thermo valve retracts allowing spring A to push the gate valve open. This allows air to flow from the air cleaner side of the valve to the intake side of the valve.

The wax type air valve should be fully closed by the time engine coolant temperature reaches approximately 80'C (176'F).

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