Gap Piston Rings

If the clearance is greater than maximum, replace the piston.

(c) Inspect the pistoh ring end gap.

(1) Insert the piston ring into the cylinder bore.

(2) Using a piston, push the piston ring a little beyond -j— the bottom of the ring travel, 120 mm (4.72 in.) from

___ the top of the cylinder block.

1992 Toyota Tercel Piston Rings Assembly

(3) Using a feeler gauge, measure the end gap. -Standard end gap:


0.350-0.570 mm (0.0138-0.0224 in.)


0.400 - 0.600 mm (0.0157 - 0.0236 in.)


0.200 - 0.500 mm (0.0079 - 0.0197 in.)

Maximum end gap:


1.03 mm (0.0406 in.)


1.10 mm (0.0433 in.)


0.87 mm (0.0343 in.)

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If the end gap is greater than maximum, replace the piston ring. If the end gap is greater than maximum, even with a new piston ring, rebore all the 4 cylinders or replace the cylinder block.

1kz Piston Ring End Gap Install

At 80°C (176°F), you should be able to push the piston k pin into the piston pin hole with your thumb.


(e) Using a rod aligner and feeler gauge, check the connecting rod alignment. (1) Check for bend. Maximum bend:

If bend is greater than maximum, replace the connecting rod assembly.

(2) Check for twist. T Maximum twist:

If twist is greater than maximum, replace the connecting rod assembly.

Connecting Rod Aligner

(f) Using vernier calipers, measure the minimum diameter of the compressed bolt at the measuring point. Standard diameter: 8.400 - 8.600 mm (0.3307 - 0.3385 In.) Minimum diameter: 8.20 mm (0.3228 in.) If the diameter is less than minimum, replace the connecting rod bolt.

(g) Inspect the piston pin oil clearance.

(1) Using caliper gauge, measure the inside diameter of the connecting rod bushing. Bushing inside diameter: 34.012 - 34.024 mm (1.3391 -1.3395 in.)

" "Using a micrometer, measure the piston pin diame-ter.

j Piston pin diameter:

(3) Subtract the piston pin diameter measurement from the bushing inside diameter measurement. Standard oil clearance: 0.008 - 0.0016 mm (0.0003 - 0.0006 in.) v Maximum oil clearance: 0.03 mm (0.0012 in.) If the oil clearance is greater than maximum, replace the bushing. If necessary, replace the piston and piston pin as a set.

Toyota Hilux 2001 Tightening The Head

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