Adjust Valve Clearance

(a) Remove the adjusting shim.

(1) Turn the crankshaft to position the cam lob of the camshaft on the adjusting valve upward.

(2) Using SST, press down the valve lifter. SST 09248-64011


Before pressing down the valve lifter, position the notch on the exhaust manifold side.

Valve Lash Cam Toyota Corolla 1997Corolla Valve Adjustment Chart

(3) Remove the adjusting shim with small screwdriver ^ and magnetic finger.

(b) Determine the replacement adjusting shim size by using following the formula or charts:

(1) Using a micrometer, measure the thickness of the shim which was removed.

(2) Calculate the thickness of the new shim so the valve clearance comes within specified value.

T Thickness of removed shim

A Measure valve clearance

N Thickness of new shim i


N = T + (A-0.25mm (0.010 in.))


N = T + (A-0.30 mm (0.012 in.))

Toyota 09248 64011

(3) Select a new shim with a thickness as close as possible to the calculated values. -j HINT: ] Shims are available in 17 sized in increments of 0.050 mm (0.0020 in.), from 2.500 mm (0.0984 in.) to 3.300 mm (0.1299 in.).

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