Circuit Description

The engine ECU controls the fuel injection volume by operating the spill control valve. The spill control valve is mounted on the injection pump, and open or close the injection pressure releasing port by the solenoid valve in the spill control valve (During injection; valve is close (ON)). The engine ECU decides the basic fuel injection volume by the engine rpm and throttle valve opening angle, and calculates the final fuel injection angle to add the various corrections on the basic fuel injection volume. The engine ECU counts the NE pulse to detects the angle from injection starts and operates the spill control valve from ON to OFF (The injection

Fuel Injection Circuit1kz Diesel Pump Spill Solenoid

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  • iain
    where can i get a spil control valve for pump denso number 096500-01315 toyota number 22100 67070
    8 years ago
  • Edda
    How the ecu controls fuel pump on 1kzte?
    9 years ago
    How to wire the 221005B300 spill control valve?
    2 years ago
  • anna
    How to repair 1kzte spill valve?
    2 years ago
  • raimo
    How do u service diesel pump of 1kzte engine?
    2 years ago

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