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The inspection procedure is shown in the table below. This table permits efficient and accurate troubleshooting using the diagnostic trouble codes displayed in the diagnostic trouble code check. Proceed with troubleshooting in accordance with the inspection procedure given in the diagnostic chart corresponding to the diagnostic trouble codes displayed. The engine diagnostic trouble code chart is shown below as an example

1kz Trouble Code Complete


The suspect circuits or parts for each problem symptSTn are shown in the table below. Use this table to trou-DJeshoot the problem when a "Normal" code is displayed in the diagnostic trouble code check but the prob-em is still occurring. Numbers in the table indicate the inspection order in which the circuits or parts should

When the problem is not detected by the diagnostic system even though the problem symptom is present, it is considered that the problem is occurring outside the detection range of the diagnostic system, or that the problem is occurring in a system other than the diagnostic system.

1kz Trouble Code Toyota


How to read and use each page is shown belowr^

Diagnostic Trouble Code No. and Detection Item

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