Toyota 1kz Coolant Sensor

The water temperature sensor senses the coolant temperature. A thermistor built into the sensor changes the resistance value according to the coolant temperature. The lower the coolant temperature, the greater the thermistor resistance value, and the higher the coolant temperature, the lower the thermistor resistance value {See Fig. 1).

The water temperature sensor is connected to the engine ECU (See below). The 5 V power source voltage in the engine ECU is applied to the water temperature sensor from the terminal THW via a resistor R. That is, resistor R and the water temperature sensor are connected in series. When the resistance value of the water temperature sensor changes in accordance with changes in the coolant temperature, the potential at the terminal THW also changes. Based on this signal, the engine ECU increases the fuel injection volume to improve driveability during cold engine operation. ^¿.w»

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