Install Cylinder Head Bolts

The cylinder head bolts are tightened in 3 progressive steps (steps (b), (d) and (e)). *

• - If any bolts is broken or deformed, replace it. :

(a) Apply a light coat of engine oil on the threads and under the heads of the cylinder head bolts.

(b) Install and uniformly tighten the 18 cylinder head bolts, in several passes, in the sequence shown.

Oil Cooler 1kz

(cj Mark the front of the cylinder head bolt with paint.

(d) Retighten the cylinder head bolts 90° in the numerical order shown.

(e) Retighten cylinder head bolts by an additional 90°.

(f) Check that the painted mark is now facing rearward.


Toyota 1kz Head Torque

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