1kz Idler Gear Removal

Timing Gears 1kz



Using-a dial indicator, measure the thrust clearance. Standard thrust clearance: 0.06 - 0.11 mm (0.0024 - 0.0043 In.) Maximum thrust clearance: 0.30 mm (0.0118 in.)

If the thrust clearance is greater than maximum, replace the thrust plate. If necessary, replace the idler gear and/or idler gear shaft.


The matchmark on each gear laces the front of the en-t - gine.

Take care not to damage the gear teeth when removing and installing the gears. Do not use parts that are scratched or damaged, they cause noise. j^r

Idler Gear.

Idler Gear.

Timing Gears For 1kz Engine
Service Bolt

Idler Sub-Gear

Idler Sub-Gear

Toyota Land Cruiser 1kz Valve Timing

(a) Remove the

(1) Secure the idler sub-gears to the idler gear with a service bolt.

Recommended service bolt: - ''

Thread diameter

6 mm

Thread pitch

1.0 mm

Bolt length

28.0 mm (1.10 in.)


When removing the idler gear, make sure that the torsional spring force of the sub-gears has been eliminated by the above operation.

(2) Using SST, remove the crankshaft timing gear. SST 09950-50012 (09951-05010, 09952-05010, 09953-05010, 09954-05020)

(b) Remove the 2 bolts, thrust plate, idler gear assembly and idler gear shaft.

1kzte Idler Gear
1kzte Timing Belt
Service Bolt
1kz Pump Timing

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