Remove Injection Pipes

(a) Remove the 2 nuts holding the clamps (a) to the intake manifold.

(b) Using a screwdriver, pry out the clamp (B).

(c) Loosen the 8 union nuts of the injection pipes.

(d) Remove the 4 injection pipes and 2 clamps (A).

3. remove nozzle leakage pipe

(a) Disconnect the fuel hose from the return pipe.

(b) Remove the 4 nuts, leakage pipe and 4 gaskets.

Injection Toyota Hilux

4. remove injection nozzles

Using-SST, remove the 4 injection nozzles, gaskets and seats. SST 09268-64010 (09268-64020)


Arrange the injection nozzle in correct order. ~ x iqrnuq-mu

engine fuel - INJECTION NOZZLE_

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