Replace Glow Plugs

The cylinder head and glow plug hole can seize up with carbon deposits. And if the glow plug is forcefully twisted when you remove it, the torsion can crack the ceramic. So keep removal of the glow plugs to a minimum.

• The heater element is ceramic. So if you drop or knock a glow plug even once, replace the glow plug. Replace it regardless of it being new or used, having a normal resistance value and no sign of external damage.

(a) Remove the intake pipe. (See pSge EM-44)

How Change Glow Plugs

(b) Remove the glow plugs.

(1) Remove the 4 screw grommets from the glow plugs.

(2) Remove the ground wire from the glow plug.

(3) Remove the 4 nuts and glow plug connector from the glow plugs.

Glow Plug Hole

(4) Using a 12 mm deep socket wrench, remove the 4 glow plugs from the cylinder head.


Before reinstalling glow plugs, always first remove the carbon from the glow plug hole according to the following procedure.

--54 mm-

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