Guide For Rebuilding Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Rebuild

This Is A How To Guide That Will Help Many Prius Owners Rebuild Their Own Hybrid Batteries! It Is A Personalized Guide That Can Help Prius Owners Save $4,000 On Their Prius Battery Repair! This guide to a Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Rebuild is more than just written instructions: it also includes shots of the last Prius rebuild carried out by the author, so making it extremely easy to go through. It also gives you a list of genuine suppliers that can provide the parts you will need. The guide is very easy to understand, even for somebody like me that knew nothing about hybrid batteries until now. What You Will Be Getting! How to remove and install battery from vehicle. Step By Step Guide For Rebuilding A Generation I (2001-2003) Prius Battery With Generation II (2004-2009) Modules/Cells. Instructions on How to Repair Your Generation I (2001-2003) Battery with Used Generation I (2001-2003) Modules/Cells. Instructions on How to Rebuild Your Generation II (2004-2009) Battery with New Modules/Cells. A How to Guide to replace your battery computer for as little as $50. Loads of Real Pictures and Captions done by the mechanic during his last rebuild. Live E-Mail Support If You Get Lost. A list of Real suppliers to get your Cheap Prius battery parts. And most importantly How you can Handle Your Battery Safely!

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Rebuild Summary


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My Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Rebuild Review

Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

Overall my first impression of this ebook is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

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Hybrid system

Toyota Prius Hybrid Batteries Air Intake

The gasoline engine is predominantly used. The electric motor (traction motor) charges the hybrid battery (traction battery) as necessary. The power of the hybrid battery (traction battery) is added via electric motor (traction motor) to that of the gasoline engine. The electric motor (traction motor) charges the hybrid battery (traction battery). l The hybrid battery (traction battery) is being charged. l The hybrid battery (traction battery) temperature is low or high. l As the gasoline engine or regenerative brake charges the hybrid battery (traction battery), the battery does not need to be charged from an outside source. However, if the vehicle is left parked for a long time the hybrid battery will slowly discharge. For this reason, be sure to drive the vehicle at least once every several months for at least 30 minutes or 10 miles (16 km). If the hybrid battery becomes fully discharged and you are unable to jump-start the vehicle with the 12 volt battery, contact your Toyota...

A notice

N Hybrid battery air vent l Do not put foreign objects over the air vent. The hybrid battery (traction battery) may overheat and be damaged. l Clean the air vent regularly to prevent the hybrid battery (traction battery) from overheating. l Do not wet the air vent. It may cause a short circuit and damage the hybrid battery (traction battery). l Do not load a large amount of water such as an aquarium into the vehicle. If water spills over the hybrid battery (traction battery), the battery may be damaged.

Perchlorate Material

N Dispose of the hybrid battery (traction battery) If your vehicle is disposed of without the hybrid battery having been removed, there is a danger of serious electric shock if high voltage parts, cables and their connectors are touched. In the event of that your vehicle must be disposed of, the hybrid battery must be disposed of your Toyota dealer or a qualified service shop. If the hybrid battery is not disposed of properly, they may cause electric shock that can result in death or serious injury.

N For efficient use

The hybrid battery (traction battery) will be discharged requiring unnecessary engine power to recharge. l Avoid repeated acceleration. Repeated acceleration consumes hybrid battery (traction battery) power, resulting in poor acceleration. Battery power can be restored by driving with the accelerator pedal slightly released. l Push the P position switch when parking. In the N position, the hybrid battery (traction battery) does not recharge. Leaving the shift lever in the N position for an extended period of the time may discharge the hybrid battery. The vehicle cannot run if the hybrid battery is discharged.