Air Cleaner

The air cleaner functions primarily to remove dust and dirt from the air which is drawn into the carburetor, and to the engine.

The standard air cleaner on the F model engine is of a felt element type and oil bath type air cleaner is option for FA only.

The construction of these air cleaners are as shown in the Figures.

Disassembly of the air cleaner is self-explanatory, and the assembly .procedure is equally simple.

Felt element type

Check the element, and if damaged or excessively dirty, replace the element.

Clean the element with compressed air at low pressure blowing from inside towards the outside.

Oil bath type

Wash the element with cleaning solvent, and dry it thoroughly before use.

Check the oil, and if excessively dirty replace the oil with proper grade engine oil up-to the level.

Fig. 5-105 Felt Element Type Air Cleaner Component (FJ) X4970-A

FUEL SYSTEM - Air Cleaner, Accelerator Linkage 5-53

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