Fuel Filter

A. Fuel filter support

B. Fitting

C. Fuel filter body

D. Filter bowl gasket

E. Fuel filter element

F. Filter element sprin

G. Filter bowl

H. Filter bowl bail I . Filter assembly

Fig. .»-KM) Valve Installation V4368

The fuel filter is a replaceable element type. This type serves to prevent the carburetor from clogging by filtering the particles of dirt or other foreign matters which may be contained in the fuel. If this element is allowed to clog, the engine performances will be impaired. At frequent intervals, disassemble, and take out the element, and clean with clean gasoline. Replace the element every 18,000 kilos (12,000 miles).


1. Loosen the filter bowl bail nut.

2. Remove the filter bowl, spring, filter element and gasket.


1. Wash all parts thoroughly in cleaning solvent.

2. Check the bowl for clips around the rim, which will cause difficulty in sealing.

3. Inspect the filter element for rust or restriction.


1. Install a new gasket, filter element, spring, and bowl.

2. Tighten the filter bowl bail nut partially, and turn the bowl slightly to seal properly.

3. Tighten the bail nut securely. Start engine, and check for leak.


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