Trouble Shooting

Before diagnosing the trouble shooting mounting bolts, cylinder compression, <

Symptoms 6- Probable Causes


1. Flooding a. Improper seating or damaged float needle valve, and seat b. Incorrect float level c. Leaky float d. Worn float tab e. Worn float pin & related parts f. Defective air-horn gasket or loose attaching screws g. Fuel pump excessive pressure

2. Rough idling a. Incorrect idle adjustment b. Defective idle adjusting screw c. Plugged idle passage, idle port d. Improper low speed jet seating e. Worn throttle shaft f. Loose vacuum pipe union g. Plugged economizer jet h. Improper low speed system passage seal i. Defective flange gasket j. Defective magnetic valve

3. Excessive fuel consumption a. Float level too high b. Plugged air bleeder c. Loose plug or jet d. Defective power valve e. Defective gaskets f. Vacuum leaks from power piston vacuum passage g. Worn step-up-rod and jet (FJ)

h. Choke valve opens improperly i. Clutch slippage j. Dragging brakes k. Incorrect tire inflation

4. Poor acceleration (lack of rich fuel a. Defective accelerating pump b. Plugged pump jet

F the carburetor, check the manifold the ignition system.


Replace needle valve, and seat

Adjust float level Replace float Replace float

Replace float pin & related parts Replace gasket & tighten screws

Check fuel pump

Adjusting idling

Replace idle adjusting screw

Clean passage & port

Tighten jet or replace

Replace shaft

Tighten union

Clean jet

Tighten plug or replace seal

Replace gasket Replace magnetic valve

Adjust float level

Clean or replace air bleeder

Tighten plug or jet

Replace power valve

Replace gaskets

Check vàcuum passage

Replace jet and rod

Check &• repair choke linkage and related parts

Adjust or replace clutch

Adjust brakes

Correct tire inflation mixture for acceleration)

Replace plunger Clean or replace jet c. Discharge check valve operating improperly d. Defective accelerator linkage e. Defective operation of power piston f. Defective power valve g. Incorrect step-up-rod height (FJ)

h. Plugged power jet i. Float level too low j. Incorrect throttle opening

5. Stalling (lack of fuel mixture at high a. Plugged main jet b. Incorrect float level c. Defective operation of power piston d. Defective power valve e. Incorrect step-up-rod height (FJ)

f. Worn throttle valve shaft g. Defective gaskets h. Incorrect throttle opening

6 . Poor cold weather operation a. Improper choke operation b. Incorrect fast idle

Fuel Pump

I . Fuel leaks from fuel pump a. Loose fuel pump cover screws b. Defective diaphragm c. Defective union fitting threads

2. Oil leaks from fuel pump a. Loose rocker arm pin b. Defective fuel pump mounting

3. Insufficient fuel delivery a. Loose fuel pipe connections b. Defective diaphragm c. Defective valve (s)

d. Cracked or broken fuel pipe e. Broken or weak nocker arm spring (s)

Replace discharge check valve Adjust linkage

Replace power piston or spring

Replace power valve Adjust height of rod

Clean or replace jet Adjust float level Adjust throttle linkage speed)


Adjust float level

Replace power piston or spring

Replace power valve Adjust height of rod

Replace throttle valve shaft Replace gaskets Adjust throttle linkage

Replace choke related parts Adjust fast idle

Tighten screws Replace diaphragm Replace union fitting

Replace rocker arm pin Tighten attaching bolts or replace

Tighten connections Replace diaphragm Replace valve (s) Replace fuel pipe Replace spring) s)

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