Front Shock Absorber


Remove the lock nut and the mounting nut.

Land Cruiser Shock Absorber
Remove the lower mounting bolt.

Fig. 6-114


1. Inspect the disassembled parts for wear, damage or oil leakage.

Fig. 6-114

Fig. 6-115

Check the operation.

Apply an even pressure and insure that the tension is equal throughout the stroke.

Fig. 6-116

Fig. 6-116


Install the lower mounting bolt.

Fig. 6-117



Fig. 6-118

Install the bushings and retainers.

Fig. 6-118

Tighten the upper mounting nut and lock nut

Tightening torque:



Check the following points before performing the front wheel alignment:

1. Tire pressure, tire wear and difference in outer diameter measurements

2. Wheel play or unbalance

3. Play in the front wheel bearing

4. King pin play

5. Tie rod end and drag link play

6. Disalignment of wheel base left-right movement

7. Body leaning

8. Looseness of the spring U bolt, knuckle arm or steering gear housing

9. Improper movement of the shock absorbers

10. During alignment the vehicle must be empty and level.

Fig. 6-119


Measure the toe-in. Toe-in:

Fig. 6-120

To adjust, turn the tie rod adjusting tube.

Fig. 6-121


King Pin Inclination

King Pin Inclination

Camber & King Pin Angle

Measure the camber and king pin angle. Camber angle: 1° ± 45' King pin inclination: 9°30'

If measurements are off standard, inspect each part thoroughly and adjust.

Fig. 6-122

Caster -»



Measure the caster. Caster angle:

If measurements are off standard, inspect each part and adjust.

Fig. 6-123

If f-

Fig. 6-124

Side Slip

Measure the side slip

Side slip: With in 3.0 mm/m

If not within limit, adjust by lengthening or shortening the tie rod.

Fig. 6-124

Turning Angle

Inside wheel angle: 29 - 32° Outside wheel angle: 30°


Fig. 6-125

If not within limits, adjust the steering angles to standard values with knuckle stopper.

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