Mechanical Winch


Disassemble the parts in the numerical order shown in the figure.

Fig. 10-20

How Make Hho Torch Toyota Mechanical Winch

1. Member & Bracket

2. End Bracket & Clutch Lever

3. Spacer, Key & Clutch

4. Winch Drum

5. Case Cover

6. Retainer & Shim

7. Worm

9. Shaft

Fig. 10-21

Fig. 10-21

Mechanical Winch Toyota Land Cruiser

Fig. 10-22

Fig. 10-23

Keep the wire rope end tied together with a !\ wire as shown in the figure.

Remove the front and rear base members, and the roller bracket supports.

Fig. 10-23

Remove the winch end bracket assembly.

Fig. 10-24


Worm & Bearing

Inspect for wear or damage.

Worm Gear & Shaft

Inspect for wear or damage.

Clutch & Spacer

Inspect for wear or damage.

Fig. 10-27

Fig. 10-27

Gear Case & Cover

Inspect for cracks or wear.


Assembie the parts in the numerical order shown in the figure.

Fig. 10-28

Toyota Mechanical Winch


Key & Worm Gear Worm

Retainer & Shim Case Cover

6. Winch Drum

7. Spacer Key & Clutch

8 End Bracket & Clutch Lever

9. Member & Bracket

10. Plug


Fig. 10-29

Fig. 10-29

Apply MP grease on all bushings, shaft and the clutch mechnism when assembling, and pack MP grease into the drum to about three-fourth of the drum volume.

Fig. 10-30


Fig. 10-31

Fig. 10-31

Fig. 10-30


Place the worm into the case with the straight pin hole towards the rear.

Install the worm bearing retainers with the adjusting shims and tighten the bearing retainer attaching bolts.

Apply liquid sealer onto the gasket surfaces to prevent oil leak.

Rotate the worm, and check the condition for looseness or tightness, and also rock the worm to-and-fro, and check the worm end play.

The worm end play should be zero and it should rotate smoothly.

Adjusting shim thickness

Part No.

Thickness mm (in.)


0.228 (0.0090)


Fig. 10-34
Liter Oil Leak

Install the case cover with its filler hole posi-** tioned downward.

A Fill the gear case with gear oil. Gear case oil capacity:

0.6 liter (0.6 US qt., 0.5 Imp.qt.) Type: SAE 90, API GL-4

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