O Cd

6. Push in the bearing outer races on both sides until the surfaces.

7. Push in the bearing outer race until the spider is moved.

8. Push in the bearing outer race on the opposite side until both snap ring grooves have equal clearance.

Install the yoke side bearings by the same procedure.

9 Select snap rings that will provide minimum play.

Spider axial play:

Snap ring thickness


Thickness mm (in.)




1.175 - 1.225 (0.0463 - 0.0482) 1.225 - 1.275 (0.0482 - 0.0502) 1.275 - 1.325 (0.0502 - 0.0522)

1. Do not reuse the snap rings.

2. Use the snap rings of the same thickness at both sides.

10. Install the snap rings.

11. Check to see that spider moves smoothly.


Assemble and Install the parts in the numerical order shown in the figure.

1. Yoke 5. Lock Bolt

2 Boot 6. Lock Bolt

3. Sliding Shaft 7. Dust Cover

4 Intermediate Shaft & Yoke

Align the grease nipple to the cut of spline tooth.

Fig. 8-19

Align the non-toothed portions of the intermediate shaft and joint yoke.

Tighten the bolt.

Before installing the dust cover, grease to the I \ grease fitting.


Disassemble the parts in the numerical order shown in the figure.

1 Plate 4. Snap Ring

2 U Bolt 5. Spider & Bearing 3. Bearing 6. Cover

Remove the bearing cup by lightly tapping the yoke with a hammer.

Hold downward the bearing and spider at the other end while tapping the yoke.


Inspect the spider and bearing for wear or damage.

Inspect the splines for wear or damage.


Assemble the parts in the numerical order shown in the figure.

1. Spider & Bearing 5. Plate

2. Snap Ring 6. Cover

3. Bearing 7. Slide Yoke

Using a vise, assemble the bearings.

Toyota Pickup Tilt Steering Yoke

Select snap rings of the thickness that will provide minimum thrust clearance in the joint spider but will still allow the joint spider to operate smoothly.

Snap ring thickness

Part No.

Thickness mm (in.)

90521-22011 90521-22012 90521-22013

1.20 (0.0472) 1.25 (0.0492) 1.30 (0.0512)

Make the assembly so that the steering yokes will be positioned in the same direction.


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