Steering Column Main Shaft Fj Bj Hj Series


Remove the parts in the numerical order shown in the figure.

Fig. 8-140

Toyota Land Cruiser Steering Diagram

1. Lock Bolt 3. Upper Bracket

2. Oil Cover Bolt 4. Steering Column

Fig. 8-141


Fig. 8-141


Land Cruiser Power Steering Box Bolts

Place matchmarks on the gear box, couplings, and main shaft.


1. Retainer

2. Bearing

3. Upper Bracket

4. Column Cover

5. Column Tube

6. Breakaway Bracket

7. Hole Cover

8. Main Shaft

9. Bearing

10. Retainer

11. Spring

12. Cover

13. Anti-rattle

14. Block

15. Shaft

Land Cruiser Steering Column Shroud


Disassemble the parts in the numerical order shown in the figure.

Fig. 8-143

Fig. 8-143

Supra Mk3 Steering Diagram

2. Steering Wheel

3. Column Cover

4. Turn Signal Switch

5. Retainer

6. Bearing

7. Upper Bracket

8 Shaft & Coupling

9. Coupling

10. Hole Cover & Seal

Fig. 8-144

Fig. 8-144

Main Shaft Gears For Land Cruiser 1hz

0 Place matchmarks on the shaft and steering wheel.

Remove the steering wheel with SST. SST [09609-20010]

Fig. 8-145

Fig. 8-145

2001 Honda Accord P1753 And P0753 Means

Fic. 8-146

0 Remove the snap ring with SST. SST [09905-00012]

Fic. 8-146


Inspect the shaft, bearing, and coupling for wear, damage or cracks.


Rerform the disassembly in reverse order. - Note -

1. Pack grease into the upper bearing.

2. Align the matchmarks when installing the steering wheel.


Perform the removal in reverse order.

Align the matchmarks when installing the steering column assembly.

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