Switches relays location

Cruiser Starter Relay Location

HJ Series

1kz Water Temp Sender

Back-up Light Switch

Shift Point Sensor

Water Temperature Sender Gauge

4 Manifold Temperature Sensor 5. Oil Pressure Sender Gauge

Land Cruiser Wiper Relay

1 Generator Regulator

2 Vacuum Waring Switch

3 Igniter

4 Electric Winch Magnet Switch

Vacuum Switch Glow Plug Relay Stater Relay

4runner Glow Plug Relay

1. Glow Plug Relay

2. Starter Relay

3. Vacuum Warning Switch

4. Electric Winch Magnet Switch

5. Generator Regulator

1986 Mr2 Aw11 Starter Relay Diagram


Light Control Rheostat


Cigarette Lighter


Front Heater Blower Switch


Cigarette Lighter Bulb


Antenna Switch


Hazard Warning Signal Switch


Windshield Wiper Switch


Headlight Dimmer Switch


Rear Heater Blower Switch


Windshield Wiper Switch


Defogger Switch


Light Control Switch


Starter Switch


Horn Contact Plate


Ignition Switch

Toyota Camry Tail Light Relay

1. Ignition Control Relay

2. Light Control Relay

3. Tail Light Control Relay

4. Heater Blower Motor Relay 5 Windshield Wiper Relay

6. Cooling Fan Relay Headlight Dimmer Relay (ECE)

7. Turn Signal Flasher

8 Emission Control Computer

9 Pre-heating Timer

10. Cooling Fan Computer (USA & Canada)

11 No.1 Inspection Light Socket

12. Seat Belt Warning Computer

13 Charge Light Warning Relay

14 Pilot Light Resistor

Fig. 13-10

9 10 11

9 10 11

Pre Heating Timer Toyota Hilux

1 Turn Signal Cancelling Relay

2 Windshield Wiper Relay

3 Emission Control Computer

4 Pre-heating Timer

5 Heater Blower Motor Relay

6 Tail Light Control Relay

7 Light Control Relay

8 Ignition Control Relay

9 Turn Signal Flasher

10 Headlight Dimmer Relay (ECE)

Valve Check Relay (ARL)

1 1 Windshield Wiper Relay

12 Red Indicator Relay

13 Charge Light Warning Relay

14 Pilot Light Resistor

Fig. 13-11

Land Cruiser Pilot

1 Brake Fluid Level Warning Switch

2. Stop Light Switch

3. Courtesy Light Switch 4 Courtesy Light Switch

5 Courtesy Light Switch

6. Parking Brake Warning Switch

7 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

8 Fuel Sender Gauge

13-10 BODY ELECTRICAL-Light Components

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