1. Auto antenna models: REMOVE ANTENNA ROD


Do this operation with the battery negative (-) cable connected to the battery terminal.

(a) Remove the antenna nut.

(b) Turn the radio switch "ON" position.

(c) Turn the antenna switch to "UP".

(d) Catch the antenna rod by hand and turn the radio switch "OFF".

(e) Try again to turn the radio switch "ON" and antenna switch "UP".

(f) Remove antenna rod. HINT:

The rod will extend fully and be released form the motor antenna.


To prevent body damage when the antenna rod is released, hold the rod while it comes out.

Antenna Nut

Antenna Nut




2. Auto antenna models: INSTALL ANTENNA ROD

(a) Insert the cable of the rod until it reaches the bottom.


• When inserting the cable, the teeth on the cable must face toward the rear of the vehicle.

• Insert the antenna approx. 350 mm.

(b) Turn the radio switch to "OFF".


• In case the cable is not wound, twist it, as shown in the illustration.

• Even if the rod has not retracted fully, install the antenna nut and inspect the antenna rod operation. It will finally retract fully.

(c) Inspect the antenna rod operation by pushing the radio wave band select buttons.

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