Install Shock Absorber To Steering Knuckle

(a) Install the camber adjusting cam onto the steering knuckle.

(b) Jack up the lower arm and align the bolt holes.

1989 Toyota Pickup Steering Knuckle

(c) Insert the bolts and align the matchmarks of the camber adjusting cam with the shock absorber.

(d) Install and torque the nuts.

Toyota Avalon Shock Absorber


Connect the stabilizer link to the shock absorber assembly.

NOTE: If the ball joint stud turns together with the nut, use a hexagon wrench to hold the stud.


(a) Run the flexible hose through the shock absorber.

(b) Connect the flexible hose to the disc brake caliper with the union bolt and new gaskets. Torque the union bolt.

NOTE: When connecting the flexible hose to the caliper, connect so the peg aligns with the hole.

How Bleed Brake Line Toyota Tacoma



7. BLEED BRAKE LINE (See page BR-6)

8. INSPECT CAMBER (See page FA-3)

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