Toyota Mk2 Mr2 Oil Pressure

A fully pressurized, fully filtered lubrication system has been adopted for this engine.


Engine Lubrication System Bj4


Pandora MaslaRemove Oil Pump Toyota Avalon

A pressure feeding lubrication system has been adopted to supply oil to the moving parts of this engine. The lubrication system consists of an oil pan, oil pump, oil filter and other external parts which supply oil to the moving parts in the engine block. The oil circuit is shown in the illustration at the top of the previous page. Oil from the oil pan is pumped up by the oil pump. After it passes through the oil filter, it is fed through the various oil holes in the crankshaft and cylinder block. After passing through the cylinder block and performing its lubricating function, the oil is returned by gravity to the oil pan. A dipstick on the center left side of the cylinder block is provided to check the oil level.


The oil pump pumps up oil from the oil pan and sends it under pressure to the various parts of the engine. An oil strainer is mounted in front of the inlet to the oil pump. The oil pump itself is a trochoid type pump, inside of which there is a drive rotor and a driven rotor. When the drive rotor rotates, the driven rotor rotates in the same direction, and since the axis of the driven rotor shaft is different from the center of the driven rotor, the space between the two rotors is changed as they rotate. Oil is drawn in when the space is wide and is discharged when the space is narrow.


At high engine speeds, the engine oil supplied by the oil pump exceeds the capacity of the engine to utilize it. For that reason, the oil pressure regulator works to prevent an oversupply of oil. During normal oil supply, a coil spring and valve keep the bypass closed, but when too much oil is being fed, the pressure become extremely high, overpowering the force of the spring and opening the valves. This allows the excess oil to flow through the valve and return to the oil pan.


The oil filter is a full flow type filter with a built-in paper filter element. Particles of metal from wear, airborn dirt, carbon and other impurities can get into the oil during use and could cause accelerated wear or sizing if allowed to circulate through the engine. The oil filter, integrated into the oil line, removes these impurities as the oil passes through it. The filter is mounted outside the engine to simplify replacement of the filter element. A relief valve is also included ahead of the filter element to relieve the high oil pressurr in case the filter element becomes clogged with impurities. The relief valve opens when the oil pressure overpowers the force of the spring. Oil passing through the relief valve by-passes the oil filter and flows directly into the main oil hole in the engine.

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