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EZ Battery Reconditioning Method

How to Recondition a Battery

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1. Before removing EFI wiring connectors, terminals, etc., first disconnect the power by either turning the ignition switch OFF or disconnecting the battery terminals.

HINT: Always check the diagnosis code before disconnecting the battery terminals.

2. When installing the battery, be especially careful not to incorrectly connect the positive ( + ) and negative (-) cables.

3. Do not permit parts to receive a severe impact during removal or installation. Handle all EFI parts carefully, especially the ECU.

4. Do not be careless during troubleshooting as there are numerous transistor circuits and even slight terminal contact can cause further troubles.

5. Do not open the ECU cover.

6. When inspecting during rainy weather, take care to prevent entry of water. Also, when washing the engine compartment, prevent water from getting on the EFI parts and wiring connectors.

7. Parts should be replaced as an assembly.

8. Care is required when pulling out and inserting wiring connectors.

(a) Release the lock and pull out the connector, pulling on the connectors.

(b) Fully insert the connector and check that it is locked.

9. When inspecting a connector with a volt/ohmmeter.

(a) Carefully take out the water-proofing rubber if it is a water-proof type connector.

(b) Insert the test probe into the connector from wiring side when checking the continuity, amperage or voltage.

(c) Do not apply unnecessary force to the terminal.

(d) After checking, install the water-proofing rubber on the connector securely.

10. Use SST for inspection or test of the injector, cold start injector or its wiring connector.

SST 09842-30050 (A) and 09842-30060 (B) for 3S-GTE

09842-30050 (A) and 09842-30070 (C) for 5S-FE

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