If Vehicle Is Equipped With Mobile Radio System Ham Cb

The ECU has been designed so that it will not be affected by outside interference.

However, if your vehicle is equipped with a CB radio transceiver, etc. (even one with about 10 W output), it may, at times, have an effect upon ECU operation, especially if the antenna and feeder are installed nearby.

Therefore, observe the following precautions:

1. Install the antenna as far as possible from the ECU. The ECU is located under the radio so the antenna should be installed at the rear side of the vehicle.

2. Keep the antenna feeder as far away as possible from the ECU wires - at least 20 cm (7.87 in.) - and, especially, do not wind them together.

3. Check that the feeder and antenna are properly adjusted.

4. Do not equip your vehicle with a powerful mobile radio system.

5. Do not open the cover or the case of the ECU unless absolutely necessary. (If the IC terminals are touched, the IC may be destroyed by static electricity.)

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