Inspection And Adjustment Of Idle Speed

(See HINT on page FI-18)


(a) Engine at normal operating temperature

(b) Air cleaner installed

(c) All pipes and hoses of air induction system connected

(d) All vacuum lines connected

HINT: All vacuum hoses for EGR systems, etc. should be properly connected.

(e) EFI system wiring connectors fully plugged

(f) All operating accessories switched OFF

(g) Transmission in neutral range

2. CHECK ISC SYSTEM (See page FI-151)



(a) Using SST, connect terminals TE1 and E1 of the check connector.

SST 09843-18020

HINT: Decrease the rpm after the engine maintains a speed of the 1,000 - 1,300 rpm for 5 seconds.

Idle speed Adjusting Screw

Idle speed Adjusting Screw

Sst 09843 18020

(b) Check the idle speed. Idle speed: 650 rpm or more

(c) If the idle speed is not as specified, adjust the idle speed by turning the IDLE SPEED ADJUSTING SCREW.

Sst 09843 18020

(d) Remove SST. SST 09843-18020



700 ± 50 rpm USA A/T 850 ± 50 rpm CANADA M/T 750 ± 50 rpm CANADA A/T

If the idle speed is not within these values, carry out either of the below listed procedures and then recheck the idle speed.

Carry out a driving test, including stop-go several times at a speed above 10 km/h, or start the engine, idle for 30 seconds and then turn the engine off repeatedly. By doing this, idle data will be stored in the ISC and the idle rpm will be at specified value.

Egr Toyota 1kz

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