Inspection Of Injectors


CAUTION: Keep injector clear of sparks during the test.

(a) Disconnect the fuel inlet hose from the fuel filter outlet.

(b) Connect SST (union and hose) to the fuel filter outlet with two new gaskets and the union bolt.

SST 09268-41045 (90405-09015)

HINT: Use the vehicle's fuel filter.

(c) Remove the pressure regulator from the delivery pipe.

(d) Install a new O-ring to the fuel inlet of pressure regulator.

(e) Connect SST (hose) to the fuel inlet of the pressure regulator with SST (union) and the two bolts.

SST 09268-41045 (09268-41090)

(f) Connect the fuel return hose to the fuel outlet of the pressure regulator with SST (union), two new gaskets and union bolt.

SST 09268-41045 (09268-41080)

(g) Install the grommet and a new O-ring to the injector.

(h) Connect SST (union and hose) to the injector, and hold the injector and-union with SST (clamp).

SST 09268-41045

(i) Put the injector into the graduated cylinder.

HINT: Install a suitable vinyl hose onto the injector to prevent gasoline from splashing out.

Check Connector

Check Connector

(j) Using SST, connect terminals + B and FP of the check connector.

SST 09843-18020

(k) Reconnect the battery negative (-) cable. (I) Turn the ignition switch ON. NOTICE: Do not start the engine.



(m) Connect SST (wire) to the injector and battery for 15 seconds, and measure the injection volume with a graduated cylinder. Test each injector two or three times.

SST 09842-30070

Difference between each injector: 5 cc (0.3 cu in.) or less

If the injection volume is not as specified, replace the injector.


(a) In the condition above, disconnect the test probes of SST (wire) from the battery and check the fuel leakage from the injector.

SST 09842-30070

Fuel drop: One drop or less per minute

(b) Disconnect the battery negative (-) cable.

SST 09268-41045 and 09843-18020

(d) Reinstall the pressure regulator to the delivery pipe.

New O-Ring

New Grommet

New Grommet





Injector Grommet De,ivery PiPe

Injector Grommet De,ivery PiPe




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