1. Do not stop the engine immediately after pulling a trailer or high speed or uphill driving. Idle the engine for 20-120 seconds, depending on the severity of the driving condition.

2. Avoid sudden racing or acceleration immediately after starting a cold engine.

3. If the engine is run with the air cleaner removed, foreign material entering will damage the wheels which run at extremely high speed.

4. If the turbocharger is defective and must be replaced, first check for the cause of the defect in reference to the following items and replace parts if necessary:

• Engine oil level and quality

• Conditions under which the turbocharger was used

• Oil lines leading to the turbocharger

5. Use caution when removing and reinstalling the turbocharger assembly. Do not drop it or bang it against anything or grasp it by easily-deformed parts, such as the actuator or rod, when moving it.

6. Before removing the turbocharger, plug the intake and exhaust ports and oil inlet to prevent entry of dirt or other foreign material.


7. If replacing the turbocharger, check for accumulation of sludge particles in the oil pipes, and if necessary, replace the oil pipes.

8. Completely remove the gasket adhered to the lubrication oil pipe flange and turbocharger oil flange.

9. If replacing bolts or nuts, do so only with the specified new ones to guard against breakage or deformation.


10. If replacing the turbocharger, put 20 cc (1.2 cu in.) of oil into the turbocharger oil inlet and turn the impeller wheel by hand to spread oil to the bearing.

11. If overhauling or replacing the engine, cut the fuel supply after reassembly and crank the engine for 30 seconds to distribute oil throughout the engine. Then allow the engine to idle for 60 seconds.

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