Troubleshooting Hints

Engine troubles is usually not caused by the EFI system. When troubleshooting, always first check the condition of the other systems.

(a) Electronic source

• Fusible links

(b) Body ground

(c) Fuel supply

Ignition system

• High-tension cords

• Distributor

• Ignition coil

(e) Air induction system

(f) Emission control system

(g) Others

• Ignition timing (ESA system)

The most frequent cause of problems is simply a bad contact in wiring connectors. Always check that connections are secure.

When inspecting the connector, pay particular attention to the following points:

(a) Check to see that the terminals are not bent.

(b) Check to see that the connector is pushed in completely and locked.

(c) Check to see that there is no signal change when the connector is slightly tapped or wiggled.

Troubleshoot sufficiently for other causes before replacing the ECU, as the ECU is of high quality and it is expensive.

Digital Type nv u

Analog Type



4. Use a volt/ohmmeter with high impedance (10 kQ/V minimum) for troubleshooting of the electrical circuit. (See page FI-33)

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