Check voltage between terminal WP of AC amplifier and body ground

Corolla E11 Amplifier


(a) Remove the center cluster module control with connectors still connected.

(b) Start the engine.

(c) Operate blower motor. CHECK:

Measure voltage between terminal WP of A/C amplifier and body ground in each condition as shown in the chart. OK:



Engine running

10 - 14 V

Engine stop

Below 1.0 V

Proceed to next circuit inspection shown on problem symptoms table (See page DI-886).

Water Pump Terminal


Remove the A/C water pump relay from engine room R/B NO. 3.


Check continuity between each pair of terminals of magnetic clutch relay.

Tester connection

Specified condition

1 - 2

62.5 - 90.9 a

3 - 5

No continuity


Apply battery positive (+) voltage between terminals 1 and 2. CHECK:

Check continuity between terminals 3 and 5. OK:

Continuity exists.


Remove the water pump (See page AC-55). CHECK:

Connect the positive (+) lead from the 6 dry cell batteries (7 -10.5 V) to terminal 1 and negative (-) lead to terminal 2, then check that the motor operation. NOTICE:

• Do not apply battery voltage.

• Operate without water within 10 sec. OK:

Motor operation smoothly.

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