Confirmation Driving Pattern

(a) Connect the TOYOTA hand-held tester or OBD II scan tool.

(b) Record DTC and the freeze frame data.

(c) Use the TOYOTA hand-held tester to set to Check Mode. (See page DI-3)

(d) Drive the vehicle several times with the engine speed, load and its surrounding range shown with ENGINE SPD, CALC LOAD in the freeze frame data or MISFIRE RPM, MISFIRE LOAD in the data list. If you have no TOYOTA hand-held tester, turn the ignition switch OFF after the symptom is simulated the first time. Then repeat the simulation process again.


In order to memorize DTC of misfire, it is necessary to drive around MISFIRE RPM, MISFIRE LOAD in the data list for the following period of time.

Engine Speed


1000 rpm

3 minutes or more

2000 rpm

1 minute 30 seconds or more

3000 rpm

1 minute or more

(e) Check whether there is misfire or not by monitoring DTC and the freeze frame data. After that, record them.

2003 PRIUS (RM957U)

(f) Turn ignition switch OFF and wait at least 5 seconds.

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