Failsafe Chart

If any of the following codes is recorded, the ECM enters fail-safe mode.


Fail-Safe Operation

Fail-Safe Deactivation Conditions


Ignition timing fixed at 5° BTDC

Returned to normal condition


Intake air temp. is fixed at 20° C (68° F)

Returned to normal condition


Engine coolant temp. is fixed at 80°C (176°F)

Returned to normal condition


VTA is fixed at 0°

The following condition must be repeated at least 2 times consecutively

0.1 V g VTA g 0.95 V

P0135 P0141

The heater circuit in which an abnormality is detected is turned off

Ignition switch OFF


Max. timing retardation

Ignition switch OFF

P1300 P1305 P1310 P1315

Fuel cut

IGF signal is detected for 2 consecutive ignitions

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  • freddie
    Is failsafe mode safe prius?
    6 months ago

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