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(a) Connect the hand-held tester to DLC3

(b) Check the control switch (MAIN, CANCEL, SET/COAST, RES/ACC)





Stop light switch circuit


When the brake pedal is depressed, the stop light switch sends a signal to the hybrid vehicle control ECU. When the hybrid vehicle control ECU receives this signal, it cancels the cruise control. A fail-safe function is provided so that the cancel functions normally, even if there is a malfunction in the stop light signal circuit.

The cancel condition is that battery voltage is supplied to terminal STP.

When the brake is on, battery voltage is normally applied through the STOP fuse and stop light switch to terminal STP of the hybrid vehicle control ECU, and the hybrid vehicle control ECU turns the cruise control OFF.

If the harness connected to terminal STP has an open circuit, terminal STP will have battery voltage and the cruise control will be turned OFF.


Detection Item

Trouble Area


Stop light switch circuit.

• Stop light switch

• Harness or connector between hybrid vehicle control ECU and stop light switch circuit

• Hybrid vehicle control ECU

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