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Read freeze frame data using a TOYOTA hand-held tester or OBD II scan tool. Because freeze frame data records the battery condition when the malfunction is detected. When troubleshooting, this is useful for knowing the battery condition.

Check voltage between terminal AM of Battery ECU connector and body ground.



Remove the luggage trim. CHECK:

Measure the voltage between terminal AM of the Battery ECU

connector and body ground.

Check and replace Battery ECU (See page IN-41).

Check HV fuse of engine room J/B.

Engine Room J/B

Engine Room J/B

Toyota A340 Speed Sensor
HV Fuse


Remove the HV fuse from the engine room J/B. CHECK:

Check the continuity of the HV fuse. OK:


Check for short in all harness and components connected to HV fuse.

Check and repair harness or connector between battery and HV fuse, and HV fuse and Battery ECU (See page IN-41).






HV ECU Communication Malfunction

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