Inspection Procedure

1 Check voltage between terminals S5TS and TS of A/C amplifier connector.


(a) Remove center cluster module control with connectors still connected.

(b) Turn ignition switch ON. CHECK:

Measure voltage between terminals S5TS and TS of A/C amplifier connector when the solar sensor is subjected to an electric light, and when the sensor is covered with a cloth. OK:



Sensor subjected to electric light

Below 4.0 V

Sensor covered by a cloth

As the inspection light is gradually moved away from the sensor, the voltage increases.

Proceed to next circuit inspection shown on problem symptoms table (See page DI-886). However, if DTC 21 is displayed, check and replace A/C amplifier.

Prius Solar Sensor


Remove solar sensor (See page AC-59). CHECK:

(a) Cover the sensor with a cloth.

(b) Measure resistance between terminals 1 and 2 of solar sensor connector.


Connect positive (+) lead of ohmmeter to terminal 2 and negative (-) lead to terminal 1 of the solar sensor. OK:

Resistance : ^ i> (No continuity) PREPARATION:

Remove the cloth from the solar sensor and subject the sensor to electric light.


Measure resistance. OK:

Resistance : Below 10 kW2 (Continuity)


As the electric light is moved gradually away from the sensor, the resistance increases.

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