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Start the inspection from step 1, in case of using the TOYOTA hand-held tester and start from step 3, in case of not using TOYOTA hand-held tester.


(a) Connect the TOYOTA hand-held tester to the DLC3.

(b) Turn the ignition switch ON, and push the TOYOTA hand-held tester main switch ON.

(c) Select the ACTIVE TEST mode on the TOYOTA hand-held tester. CHECK:

Check the operation sound of the hydro motor relays individually when operating it with the TOYOTA handheld tester. OK:

The operation sound of the hydro motor relay should be heard.

2 Check for short circuit in harness and connector between MTT of hydraulic brake booster and brake ECU (See page IN-41).

Check and replace brake ECU.

3 Check voltage between terminal 1 of engine room R/B No. 2 (for hydro motor relays) and body ground.



Engine Room R/B No. 2

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