Pay due attention to the terminal connecting position to avoid a malfunction

DTC is always shown by 2 digits.

Read the 2-digit DTC as indicated by the number of times the SRS warning light blinks. As an example, the blinking patterns, normal, 11 and 31 are shown in the illustration.

• Normal code indication

The light will blink 2 times per second.

• Malfunction code indication

The first series of blinking output indicates the left digit of a 2 digit DTC. After a 1.5-second pause, the second series of blinking output will indicate the digit on the right. If there are 2 or more codes, there will be a 2.5-second pause between each code. After all the codes have been output, there will be a 4.0-second pause and they will all be repeated.


• In the event of a number of trouble codes, indication will start from the smallest numbered code.

• If a DTC is not output or a DTC is output without terminal connection, proceed to the TC terminal circuit inspection on page DI-649.

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