Can help provide driver protection

^ Side and curtain shield airbags

Can help protect the torso of the front seat occupants.

□ Curtain shield airbag

Can help protect primarily the head of front and rear outboard occupants.

Curtain Shield Airbag Prius

□ Front passenger airbag "AIR BAG ON" and "AIR BAG OFF" indicator lights

□ Curtain shield airbag

B Occupant detection sensor

□ Curtain shield airbag sensor Q SRS warning light

□ Driver airbag

B Side and curtain shield airbag sensor

EE Driver's seat belt buckle switch

[Q Driver's seat position sensor EE Knee airbag

E0 Front passenger's seat belt buckle switch ED Front airbag sensor EE Airbag sensor assembly

Your vehicle is equipped with "ADVANCED AIRBAGS" designed based on US motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS208). The air-bag system controls airbag deployment power for the driver and front passenger. The driver airbag system consists of the driver seat's position sensor etc. The front passenger's airbag system consists of the front passenger occupant classification sensor etc.

The main SRS airbag system components are shown above. The SRS airbag system is controlled by the airbag sensor assembly. The airbag sensor assembly consists of a safing sensor and an airbag sensor.

In certain types of severe frontal or side impacts, the SRS airbag system triggers the airbag inflators. A chemical reaction in the inflators quickly fills the airbags with non-toxic gas to help restrain the motion of the occupants.

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